What is the best sander for furniture?

What is the best sander for Furniture refinishing? If you are going to dabble periodically in refinishing or making a piece of furniture, you should have a Random Orbital Sander (ROS) AND a Detail Sander in your tool kit.   The ROS is ideal for sanding larger flat areas, while a detail Sander is great for getting in harder to reach spaces.  You could also go with a palm sander instead of a ROS, but I prefer the ROS as I think it’s more efficient.

What Type of Sander is best for furniture?

There are many options to choose from, a Belt sander, palm sander, detail sander, random orbital sander, or simply go manual with a sanding block and sandpaper.  Most pieces of furniture have large flat easy to reach areas, and smaller hard to reach areas such as spindles on chairs. 

The larger flat areas are easy to sand, for that, I like a Random Orbital Sander.  You can go with a palm sander; however, I find them less efficient, and loading the paper in many models can be frustrating.   For the smaller more difficult to reach areas, I like a detail sander.  Since most furniture you are stripping or sanding have both, it’s best to have both a ROS and a detail sander in your arsenal.

What is best a Corded or Battery sander?

For the Do it Yourselfer, a cordless or battery-operated sander is the best choice for furniture refinishing, and it’s always a good idea to have a spare battery.  It’s also a good idea from a cost standpoint as you are building out your tool collection to stay with a common brand so your batteries are interchangeable between tools.

How much power should your furniture sander have?

When making your selection, invest in the incremental additional expense to get the higher voltage battery.   I like 20 Amp tools vs lower voltages. The additional power and torque is particularly beneficial for sanding applications. You may get slightly longer battery life on average (not always) with a lower voltage battery, but in this instance, the torque and speed is worth what will be a very small difference in usage time.

is Dust Collection needed to be the best sander for furniture?

As far as dust collection, it’s a fair consideration, but not a game changer, so don’t let this factor weigh too heavily into your decision.  However, while it may be incrementally more expensive when making your choice, good dust collection can be a plus.

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