Hi All,

I’m an engineer by training having worked in the manufacturing industry since graduating college in 1988. My wife is experienced and very talented with interior design as well as many crafts. My job has moved us many times over our 34 years of marriage and home ownership.  We’ve owned 7 homes in all areas of the US. We’ve remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, finished basements, built extreme decks, own rental properties, purchased every type of appliance and tool you can think of, and much more.  So we have a few categories to cover these experiences.

I’m also an experienced aquarist with 30+ years in the saltwater aquarium hobby, as well as an experienced investor with a diverse portfolio so we added a few categories in those areas as well.

With this as a backdrop, our articles and “top picks” are our opinions based on years of hands-on experience and independent research. As retirement looms closer, we felt a desire to start this site to share our experiences (both good and bad) with you in hopes of helping you avoid many of the pitfalls we have experienced throughout the years.

 Happy Home Owning!

John & Barb

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